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Increase your vision, tactical
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EGGERS Conseil's Meta Project Management approach enables PMOs to boost their abilities in three ways: analyze a situation in real time, build up a complete, consolidated vision of a program over time, and generate informed decision proposals for governance.

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Secure your programs, accelerate
your projects

EGGERS Conseil's tool-based method ensures the security of programs by focusing action and energy on the right levels of decision-making, thanks to the EDWARD Decision Management Platform. It accelerates projects by managing objectives, activities, indicators and commitments at a useful level.

Pain Relievers

Capture useful information and work on qualified data

In addition to its efficiency and its lean, frugal methods, our EDWARD-supported PMO approach ensures that management benefits from an increased capacity for forecasting and organization. By sharing this information via digital technology, the data provides further insight and meaning to the actions undertaken.



PMO Efficiency

PMO Efficiency

PMO Efficiency

PMO 4.0
Project Meta Management

PMO 4.0 addresses the entire project architecture, not simply task planning. It builds a bridge between teams at a more macro level, while ensuring rigor and precision. Meta Gestion preserves meaning, provides a framework, and maintains coherence using a lean, human centric approach.

PMO method
Adopt a framework

The approach involves formalizing targets, gains, milestones, and key indicators, and then monitoring their progress through lean, effective and measured governance. By explaining each person’s level of involvement, role and mission, this framework can provide useful data for the PMO .

Augmented PMO
Humans at the core

"Augmented" PMO eliminates the most daunting tasks in the project and makes life easier for all by encouraging fluidity and strengparticipants thening the capacity of all participants to act. It helps free up time and energy to inform the right people, mobilize crucial resources on priority issues, and anticipate next steps..

360° PMO Cockpit
Gain full control

PMO 4.0, with its Decision Management Platform, provides decision-makers with the ability to anticipate, mediate and plan. It introduces a 360° project cockpit driven by data collected in a structured framework, allowing PMOs to react in real time.

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Our offers contribute to your CSR strategy


EGGERS Conseil offerings contribute natively to your CSR strategy through the Sustainable Development Objectives.

EGGERS Conseil offerings contribute to your company’s positive impact. Working with EGGERS Conseil also means being assured of contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Objectives as part of the transformation of your business - but without additional effort. Our employees are aware of the economic, social, societal and environmental issues at stake. We systematically evaluate our methodologies, actions and recommendations through this prism so as to give you a clear and objective reading and enable you to make the appropriate decisions. In other words, if you don't think about SDOs systematically, we will do it for you.

"Health is a matter of rights" says the WHO, and business has a role to play in ensuring that these rights are respected. Several issues directly concern companies, including consumer protection, healthy working conditions for their direct employees and employees within their ecosystems (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.), and investing in communities to participate directly in public health, prevention, etc.

Healthy working conditions

The Blitz Roll Out offer from EGGERS Conseil avoids employee exhaustion by focusing on just what is necessary, which among other things limits the number of trips. In addition, our industrialisation methodology makes it possible to clarify expectations and give visibility to employees, which contributes directly to well-being at work.

Companies have a major responsibility to achieve the targets of this objective for 2030. All companies contribute to a given country's growth rate. Participating in local economic development is the primary lever for a company to reach this SDO. To fully cover this objective, companies must also be concerned with ensuring decent jobs and worker equality, by banning forced labour and ensuring compliance with major international laws. Moreover, by creating jobs, enterprises also participate in SDO 1, as employment is the primary lever for poverty reduction (SDO1 - Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger).

Decent jobs and equality between workers

EGGERS Consulting's PMO Efficiency together with the EDWARD Decision-Making Platform avoids exhaustion and alienation by limiting the number of boring tasks, allowing you to concentrate on decisions and actions that add value.

Sustainable and resilient infrastructures are opportunities and guarantees of stability for businesses. Their development and implementation requires research and innovation, which helps competent businesses to grow, including sustainable industries. By using them, all social actors (companies and citizens) can benefit, which in turn contributes to economic and social development, while ensuring respect for the environment.

Developing technologies and innovating

EDWARD, the PMO tool at EGGERS Conseil, is developed as a micro-service, making it possible to develop each brick of the Decision-Making Platform just once, and to reuse each of them in future developments. The Decision-Making Platform relies on scientific research to perfect its capabilities. We have implemented EDWARD at our clients' various strategic sites and can confirm that EDWARD, when associated with the work of the PMO, can lead to successful sustainable infrastructure development projects and innovation for our client companies.

This is indeed an emergency situation. The scientists' reports are formal and the consequences for business are real: the cost of inaction will be greater than the cost of investing in innovation and fighting climate change. Companies have several levers at their disposal to address this, such as reducing the impact of transport, optimising production, and mobilising the value chain, or even by adapting staff or pay.

Adaptation and compensation

The EDWARD Decision-Making Platform guarantees the uniqueness of all data and centralises it for everyone on a platform accessible in real time. This divides the amount of digital pollution during project management by at least 2.5 (calculation based on the number of e-mail exchanges on project management and counting only the dashboards and reports on a typical 6-month programme made up of five projects).

Peace, the rule of law, regulations and justice, as well as effective institutions, are indispensable for the healthy development of economic life. This forms a favourable environment for investment, entrepreneurship and growth. Defending human rights and privacy, respecting international standards and combating tax evasion, promoting fair governance and fighting corruption are all measures that business should promote and implement.

Human rights and privacy

EGGERS Conseil's Decision-Making Platform EDWARD respects the right to the protection of private data for everyone and at all times, in accordance with the European GDPR law.

Are you confident about these 5 key points?

  • I have a PMO unit trained and equipped to manage all aspects of a program or project.
  • I am satisfied with the performance of the projects (efficiency/cost) and the Project Management Office.
  • I have access in real time to important project information that enables me to make decisions.
  • I know at all times what the risks are on the projects and whether they are being monitored, as well as the actions to be taken.
  • Project administration tasks have been reduced to the essentials and the PMO is focused on value-added management.

If not, lets talk about it.

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