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Evaluating the issues and risks related to data protection

EGGERS Conseil uses a highly specific protocol to measure issues concerning the protection of your data. The GDPR standard is a good starting point for an effective, regulatory and beneficial security strategy for your business operations.

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Standardizing the management of your personal data

EGGERS Conseil can develop a standardized approach by analyzing your personal data management solution. Adapting existing tools will help reduce the costs incurred while respecting the GDPR standard.

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Being able to trust
your data

EGGERS Conseil shows you how to minimize risks related to data protection as well as empowering the company with respect to Personal Data (PD).



Analyzing the situation

Using a special methodology, we begin by auditing your situation for the next GDPR standard. This involves a thorough search of all PD circulating within the company.

Making practices consistent

We decide on the measures to be taken to secure these data, including a gap analysis by prioritizing the data most at risk. We also assess the risks associated with such changes.

Designing the roadmap

We create a roadmap by including data specific to your requirements. Then we coach employees handling personal data on the challenge of making data secure.

Action plan

We propose an action plan to standardize your PD, as well as providing training and continuous communication to inform employees about data protection issues.

We are trusted


Are you confident about these 5 key points?

  • Do you have a Data Protection/Privacy Officer (DPO)?
  • Have you begun preparations for the introduction of the GDPR standard?
  • Have you run a risk analysis of your data?
  • Do you know exactly where your PD are stored and which of them are processed?
  • Have you thought about deleting the personal data you no longer need?

if not, let's talk about.

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