About us

The leading hybrid consultancy, helping you implement your transformation projects

About us

Founded in 2010, EGGERS Conseil is an independent consultancy specialising in strategy, organisation and business transformation. The firm's core business is to assist clients in innovating and protecting their value chain.
We apply a three-phase approach to transforming companies, revolving around a digital pivot: first establishing transformation plans, second, managing the programmes and projects resulting from these plans, and third evaluating the performance of the physical, financial and data flows in the new organisation. The core of this pivot is the digitisation of all three phases of a company's transformation.

This is why EGGERS Conseil is the first Hybrid consulting firm to market a DMP (Decision Making Platform) Consultancy using AI - EDWARD (for EGGERS Digital Workspace Accelerating Rapid Decision & Delivery).

The founders

The founding partners all come from the "big-four" and each has more than 15 years of experience in advising public or private companies. EGGERS Conseil's clients are companies in the Retail / Pharma / Food / Banking / Insurance / Luxury Goods sectors.

Thomas Kerrien

Associate director

Jean-Pierre Perez

Associate director

A hybrid consulting practice

EGGERS Conseil is natively digital, and was awarded the status of Innovative New Company in 2011 on the basis of its research and innovation record.
Innovation has been a central focus ever since the firm was founded. This naturally led to developing new technology solutions to support its clients, and using digital to optimise its own business. Over the course of its missions, the company has gradually transformed itself into a Hybrid consulting firm.

Being Hybrid means mixing teams from different cultures and backgrounds, including management consultants, specialised developers, UX designers, mathematicians, and scientists, to carry out operational R&D. It also means boosting its capacity for innovation and development for its delivery, and running innovative digital offerings.

Digitising the consulting experience

Our consulting DMP, EDWARD, was created in 2018 from this combination of consulting and mastering process digitisation. EDWARD is a B2B software suite, dedicated to consulting and project management professionals - freelancers, firms, companies integrating these functions, and PMO cells - which fully digitises the commitments made by all the stakeholders in order to manage and drive them more effectively.

This has led to substantial gains – an 80% reduction in administrative consulting time on projects. This can mean gains on a €10M project in the order of €750,000, or at least 7% of the total project cost. In addition, EDWARD can guarantee to General Management that their company's roadmap is effectively being followed.

What we offer, therefore, is a genuine Remote Management system. The COVID-19 crisis has reassured us in this, as it corresponds closely to the transformation we began nearly 18 months ago. The catalytic effect of COVID on the new consulting model has reinforced this vital need to digitise our profession’s "administrative" tasks, in order to preserve the meaning given to an action. This in turn has enhanced the capacity to work in remote structured groups by proposing a structured, shared and well-signposted framework; the capacities to come together across multi-site, multilingual, and very open organisations, by reducing natural entropy; and the ability to be interoperable via an ecosystem of fast-expanding digital tools, by increasing the capabilities of the "Human Augmented" consultant. And by additionally subscribing to SDOs (Sustainable Development Objectives), we can work towards being frugal and lean when generating information.

EGGERS Conseil delivers SMARTE Consulting:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based, Ethical




3 Million euros

Number of employees:

30 employees