Food services vs Covid-19

Published on 30/04/2020

Consumer behaviour has changed for good. Food service chains will have to adapt their points of sale and distribution channels to meet new health requirements and changing consumer expectations.

Going omnichannel with RFID?

Published on 17/07/2019

Retail and RFID clearly have a very ambiguous relationship. On the one hand, the technology seems to come from another age compared to the Internet of Things and the first AIs now invading the specialised press. On the other, it seems never to have reached maturity to fulfil retailer fantasies such as geolocation, real-time inventory or end-to-end tracking.

Why pure-players are set to shake up the out-of-home catering market

Published on 17/07/2019

With their digital expertise and excellence in customer experience, generalist e-commerce players are slowly but surely expanding their scope. They are now attacking the historic markets so far controlled by well-established players.