Securing and accelerating
business transformation

We support your company in its strategy,
in the management of its projects and programs
and in the optimization of its performance.

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Through our commitment to you, we can guarantee added value and rapid, meaningful and lasting results for your business development projects. Our performance oriented teams work with your Operational, Financial and Information System Departments, from project scoping through to operational implementation, while constantly supporting the internal changes this involves.

Securing your project roadmaps


Strategic plan and operational implementation

EGGERS Conseil assists Directorates and Business Line Divisions to set up and drive the company's strategy throughout the management structure and among operational teams, with the aim of giving it tangible meaning in the workplace.

02. Supervision

Securing your programs and projects

EGGERS Conseil consultants accompany you at each step of your project, ensuring that you reach your targets, sustainably establish your new organization and introduce new concepts into your business both in France (headquarters and regions) and internationally.


High-performance operations, organizations and information systems

EGGERS Conseil can optimize your performance by activating three key levers - your organization, your processes and your information systems. We support you all the way from initially detecting your optimization levers to fully applying them, using your value chain as a guideline.

01. Strategy

Strategic plan
and operational implementation

Strategic plan

EGGERS Conseil assists senior management to envision their business over the medium and long term, while evaluating possible pathways within their ecosystem.

Managerial alignment

EGGERS Conseil will galvanize your managers around shared objectives, while specifying the strategic directions.

Operating plan

EGGERS Conseil supports its clients in carrying out the actions and mobilizing the resources needed to execute the master plan.

02. Supervision

Securing your programs
and projects

360° vision and dynamic tradeoffs

EGGERS Conseil sets up a digital cockpit to ensure a 360° vision of your programs and projects. This enables dynamic decision-making when options, scenarios and structural decisions need to change.

Effective governance and supervision

EGGERS Conseil prepares and installs program governance that can impose legitimate trade-offs that are recognized and accepted by the various actors in the transformation program.

Project Management Office expertise

EGGERS Conseil supports its customers in standardizing and industrializing project management through its dedicated PMO expertise, resources and tools.

02. Supervision

Securing your programs
and projects

03. Performance

High-performance operations,
organizations and information systems

Supply Chain Finance

EGGERS Conseil supports companies in improving working capital requirements by boosting supply chain performance, inventory management and dynamic asset allocation.

Optimizing data

EGGERS Conseil aids its clients to identify sources of information entropy and build a process to reduce non-relevant information.

High-performance organization

EGGERS Conseil supports its clients to activate the levers to optimize the organization, processes and the information system, using the corporate value chain as a guideline.

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