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Continuously optimize your Supply Chain global performance

EGGERS Conseil’s SCM 360 Service is a powerful way to ensure that your supply chain is balanced and performing simultaneously on the human, organizational and technological fronts. It allows you to identify the most critical performance levers and structuring points of this cross-functional process, while softening constraints and increasing agility.

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Improve customer service at the lowest possible cost, company-wide

By following EGGERS Conseil's SCM 360 approach, your company will design and operate a Supply Chain with stable and consistent performance (i.e. customer service at the expected level, based on industry KPIs, at a controlled and optimized cost) across your whole network.

Pain Relievers

Eliminate functional silos and organizational misalignments

By forcing an integrated and holistic approach to supply chain management and making sure that your entire organization shares a common understanding of supply chain excellence, EGGERS Conseil's SCM 360 approach will allow you to eliminate functional silos, organizational tensions and foster cross-functional collaboration.



SCM 360

SCM 360

SCM 360

Build a company-wide consensus on Supply Chain performance levers

EGGERS Conseil's SCM 360 method helps you first establish a company-wide consensus on Supply Chain objectives and actionable performance drivers, including possible strategies, roles and responsibilities, skills, processes and systems.


Identify all improvement points and actionable levers

The second step in EGGERS Conseil's SCM 360 method consists of making a precise assessment of each unit in your Supply Chain against each performance lever. Executed through EGGERS’ agile "3D" assessment framework, it generates a clear, multi-dimensional picture of all opportunities for improving your supply chain per organizational unit as well as opportunities for cross-fertilization between them.


Design and deploy a Supply Chain Performance Optimization Program

Based on an in-depth analysis of the multidimensional assessment results, EGGERS Conseil's SCM 360 method helps you design and deploy a Supply Chain Performance Optimization Program aimed at driving all improvement areas in a structured and orchestrated manner.

Measure your progresses based on an evolving evaluation framework

Lastly, EGGERS Conseil's SCM 360 method and tools will let your company embrace a continuous improvement loop in complete independence, with the ability to adjust your Supply Chain performance objectives on an ongoing basis.

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Are you confident about these 5 key points?

  • There is a company-wide understanding and consensus on all the key drivers of supply chain performance.
  • We know exactly where and how the performance of our supply chain can be optimized.
  • Our supply chain is able to respond to unforeseen events in near real-time, enabling us to maintain valid and optimized supply and delivery plans across our entire network.
  • Calibration of our supply chain is aligned with our delivery speed and reliability goals for each product, service and customer.
  • The product development plan and the supply chain plans are aligned regularly..

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