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Making the best use of the company’s data assets

Creating value from the data generated by your business based on a governance agenda that makes your legacy data fully usable.

Gain Creators

Differentiating your business through data

By taking control of your data, you can accelerate decision processes while delivering relevant, high value-add reporting based on quality data.

Pain Relievers

Reducing the tunnel effect

The tunnel effect inherent in rollout projects in complex networks can be reduced by combining industrialization, anticipation and a "military"-style organization. Rigorously applying this method can correct any path deviations.



Data Governance

Data Governance

Data Governance

Defining demands to generate the strategy

We define the issues and demands around the data to develop the data strategy beyond the purely technology context and align the organization, processes, and business intelligence (BI) tools.

Understanding the data maturity level

We identify the benchmarks used and the quality of the existing data. We then measure the deviation between strategy-driven ambitions and the maturity gap that has been evaluated.

Aligning on data governance

We establish the roles and responsibilities of data governance by defining the data policies, processes and indicators that need to be implemented.

Embedding the concept of data value

We introduce governance that can dynamize the company's data policies and communicate and underscore the importance of the value implicit in quality data.

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Are you confident about these 5 key points?

  • Do you have a Data Governance policy?
  • Do you have a data manager or Chief Data Officer (CDO)?
  • Have you defined the organization and supervisory bodies needed for your data?
  • Are your data centralized in non-redundant repositories (Master Data Management)?
  • • Are you confident about the quality and accessibility of your data?

If no, let's talk about it.

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