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Extraire la valeur du patrimoine data de l’entreprise

Leveraging the company’s legacy data while retaining the value of each piece of data is a key concern. By choosing a Master Data Management approach, it is possible to ensure the security of a critical factor in the company’s development.

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Securing data right along the value chain

Securing data involves controlling data and their transformations right across the company’s operating procedures. It is therefore paramount to choose the right method.

Pain Relievers

Regaining control of data

To avoid the risks of productivity loss inherent in a mixed approach to data control, the data challenge must be addressed right from the beginning of a project



Data Management
& Performance

Data Management
& Performance

Data Management
& Performance

Securing the data in your projects

We align Data Governance with project roadmaps to continuously optimize the use of data and comply with your data policy. This involves mapping the data value chain and the roles of stakeholders, and validating the technical architecture.

Starting on organizing data management

We identify Data Managers in organizations who act as “sponsors” for Data Strategy challenges, alongside the Data Stewards and Data Owners are responsible for data management and daily operations.

Monitoring is a must

Monitoring can manage and resolve data issues while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Understanding the 3Vs (Volume, Velocity, Variety)

We identify the company’s Big Data opportunities, especially by detecting weak signals in a mass of multiple, externally-sourced information.

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Are you confident about these 5 key points?

  • Are your data centralized using Master Data Management (MDM) solutions?
  • Do you systematically involve a business-line and IT/Data team in your projects?
  • Are your data available throughout the value chain?
  • Is the volume, velocity or variety (3V) of your data growing?
  • Have you set up a data-monitoring process?

If no, let's talk about it.

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