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Predicting a transformation’s impacts

A transformation intended to maintain or strengthen competitive advantage on its core added value can impact a company’s different organisational layers. The Enterprise Architecture approach developed by EGGERS Conseil enables you to anticipate these impacts from the global to local levels.

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Achieving agility to optimise capacities

By predicting the impacts of a transformation, the company can become more agile and as a result constantly adapt the added value it delivers, the level of commitment, and the costs. By virtue of the scalability effect induced by the architecture approach, you can optimise and saturate the company's available capacities.

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Avoid intermediation and protect your value chain

EGGERS Conseil models, provides tools and deploys strategies to protect the company's value chains by countering attempts at intermediation at all levels –organisation, processes, equipment, applications, tools, and infrastructure.



Defining the value chain

The value chain is what enables a company or sector within a given geography to build and control its competitive advantage. It makes it possible to qualify the levels of commitment required to produce and achieve added value targets.

Setting up an approach based on reference frameworks

To make the value chain operable, the company must set up an organisation, implement processes, provide equipment, applications and tools, and develop and manage infrastructures. The reference systems supply a common vocabulary and knowledge of the existing situation.

Projecting the value chain onto the different layers of the company

The Enterprise Architecture provides the backbone that dynamically tracks the impacts of operations and changes in value-added activities on the company's assets.

Cross-referencing and steering

The Enterprise Architecture ensures the coherence of the entire activity and synchronizes the rotation of the different layers.
Due to this coherence, the structure can grow more agile while keeping operations and projects under control.

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Our offers contribute to your CSR strategy


EGGERS Conseil solutions contribute natively to your CSR strategy through the Sustainable Development Objectives.

EGGERS Conseil offerings contribute to your company’s positive impact. Working with EGGERS Conseil also means being assured of contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Objectives as part of the transformation of your business - but without additional effort. Our employees are aware of the economic, social, societal and environmental issues at stake. We systematically evaluate our methodologies, actions and recommendations through this prism so as to give you a clear and objective reading and enable you to make the appropriate decisions. In other words, if you don't think about SDOs systematically, we will do it for you.

Sustainable and resilient infrastructures provide opportunities and guarantees of stability for businesses. Developing and implementing them requires research and innovation, which in turn helps competent businesses grow, including sustainable industries. Leveraging these infrastructures then benefits everyone in society (businesses and citizens), which in turn contributes to economic and social development, while ensuring respect for the environment.

Developing technologies and innovating

The EGGERS Conseil approach to corporate architecture focuses on structuring the company and its resources sustainably to develop new value propositions. It promotes the use of existing resources within a project to identify and develop sustainable value propositions. This corporate architecture helps build and sustainably maintain all projects implemented both internally and for other entities.

This is indeed an emergency situation. The scientists' reports are formal and the consequences for business are real: the cost of inaction will be greater than the cost of investing in innovation and fighting climate change. Companies have several levers at their disposal to address this, such as reducing the impact of transport, optimising production and mobilising the value chain, or even by adapting staff or pay.

Optimising production and mobilising the value chain

The method proposed by EGGERS Conseil's Enterprise Architecture offering helps reduce resource scatter and waste by using only what is necessary to develop new value propositions.

Are you confident about these 5 key points?

  • Can you control the impact of your transformation projects across all of the company's activities and assets?
  • Does everyone involved in the transformation of your company share a common vocabulary
  • Can you ensure that your operations and projects remain agile and scalable?
  • Do you have a dynamic vision of your company's architecture?
  • Do you know how to measure the performance of the commitments made within your company?

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